Our heating service provides for clean, odorless, dustless, energy efficient, even heat throughout your home. Our technicians will ensure that your heating system is working at peak efficiency. Cold winter weather can be unforgiving. Our heating systems are safe, efficient, and reliable, and we would be glad to discuss ways to maintain your heating system so that it will help keep your tootsies toasty-warm for as many seasons as possible.

Working on a heating system is, in most cases, a job better left to the professional. Do-It-Yourselfers in HVAC system repair may find the task confusing at best (and dangerous at worst). This should not keep you from understanding your system as it will help you to figure out probable causes of malfunctions before you make a service call. Knowing a little about your system can help save you time, money and headache as you proceed. A little knowledge can also help you recognize when a pro wants to do repairs that seem warranted.

Most heating systems fit into one of three categories:

  • Forced Air (Heat Pump or Furnace )
  • Water or Steam Heat (Radiator)
  • Radiant Heat (which involves electrical coils in the floor and ceiling)

Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and all present unique issues that typically lead to the same end result: inefficient heat distribution and higher heating costs.


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